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Originally Posted by Volones View Post
Yep, when I move the key from 'run' to 'off or acc', the speedo and odo stop working. It's what I'm doing now, and only lose 2 seconds so it's not the end of the world, but a push button would be so much easier and would get used much more often. I'm even looking at incorporating a time-delay relay so I don't have to hold the button for those two seconds (more 'user friendly', or if you prefer, lazy).
Toggle Switch

The "manual time delay relay" - adjustable too Flip it off to kill, then flip it back on whenever you're ready to restart

I'd vote for killing the Injectors over the Ignition. You would be wasting fuel wile the engine died, where as with killing the injectors you are only loosing a little electricity.
Didn't someone try this? With poor results... I think it was something about the ECU not having a feedback loop with the injectors other than the O2 sensor(s) and such. Instead of just killing the engine - it killed and threw a CEL... I'll have to search around to find the post again (it may have been on the "other" forum ).
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