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Ok let me try to help. The idea with the wiki is to gather user data and threads about mods they have made.
The fomat loosely follows the 65+ mods page (look at the top of any em page for the link).
So it goes like this:
Aerodinamic mods
Engine mods
Drivetrain mods

Each group has mods that relate to that section. Each mod page has a format that goes like this:
Generic mod discription
Generic how to (not in depth)
User experiences
Problems with mod
Links to EM threads
Links to other info on topic

To find mods that will work for your car, they all will but we only have how to's and data from 3% of users. To find your car (might not be there) that you will need to look through all the mods.

Hope that helps.
What car are u looking for?
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