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Originally Posted by bdesj View Post
I`m getting impatient with the process. It`s been three weeks and I still haven`t gotten down to a half tank.
If it's itching, fill up the tank, get the numbers in, and do the tonneau modification next.

I have two days off comming up and wouldn`t mind sewing up a quick tonneu cover, "deleting" my one remaining mudflap, or even ttrying some foam rope to plug the gap between the cab and bed of my truck.
I'd say go for it !

what`s the fun in improving anything if you don`t know what improvement it gives you?
The main aim is to reduce one's fuel use.

Getting test data to compare before / after mileage isn't what's really important.

this has been a very loooong tank even by my standards- wish I could claim that as the norm for me, but it ain`t so!
If it ain't so, make it so
And make the next tank even better.

You'll get better at using less fuel.

I thought I was doing fairly well regarding FE.
Then I joined ecomodder and dropped 10% of my fuel consumption within 2 months.
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