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I have a membership to the ChargePoint station system.

I also go go to the county technical college, but they have not charging station there, and my EV doesn't have the range to make it there and back!

That's the standard connector the the Volt, Leaf, and all other major EVs use.

As part of the official spec on that connector, law requires that it's a non-removable cable, that's why you see it coiled up like that, instead of as a removable cord that EVers would just carry in their trunk.

The odd part about this is that is supports the newly manufactured vehicles from GM, Nissan, etc., but is USELESS to people who have a homebuilt EV or an NEW with a standard 120V power connection. I suppose that's good for the economy... force people to buy expensive NEW vehicles, because those are the only ones supported by the infrastructure.

I know that the 120V version of that charging station has the power connection under that middle faceplate. I would certainly hope that this version of the charging station has the original 120V power connector in there still. That faceplate is locked. When you swipe your card, it unlocks the cover, then you plug in your extension, and close the cover, which locks back over it. That way, "those punk kids" can't unplug you when you are not looking.

Also, there is a guy working on J1772 to 120V AC adapter. He's building a custom box that has that type of connector on the one end, and a standard power plug on the other. It even has a "dummy" data connector to fool the charger into turning on, even though it's not the same power connector on the other end.

All I really want is just a plain electric outlet in a parking lot.
My local grocery store has 20-amp GFI outlets on EVERY street light in their parking lot. I asked for permission to use them, and was told that "We can't allow anything that would increase the utility bills of our customers."

Never mind the great free publicity that they would get, or that more people would go to their stores instead of the competition.

Very jealous that you have a charging station around.
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