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Originally Posted by duncan View Post
I was thinking of a stop button or throttle pot disconnecter as a less violent stop

But maybe that is bad thinking and I should go immediately to the emergency disconnect??
hm, I'm just thinking that in an emergency, I'd like the first resort to be a very effective way of stopping the vehicle (pedal disengaging the main contactor, for me). I also have a manual circuit breaker whose handle is within reach of the driver. If that doesn't work, there are two fuses in the traction pack, but I'd have to stand on the brakes. I'm also reinstalling the clutch - depressing the clutch would stop the car, but also grenade my motor.

as an example, my controller failed when I was backing out of a space in a parking lot. with other cars just a few feet away, I'd have surely hit them if I did not have a quick way of shutting things down.
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