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I've seen high-end cold plates that simply used a 'D' shaped groove with copper tubing pressed into place. Pressing the top of the tubing flat crimped it firmly in place inside the groove, with aluminum-filled epoxy used only as a filler for the surface seam.

This does require a milling machine, likely with CNC to make the smooth curves required.

I've thought about sandwiching a PVC sheet inside two relatively thin aluminum plates. The advantage is that it's really easy to mill or cut a custom channel pattern in the PVC. The bonding would be done either by sticking it in the oven with some preheated weight on top (such as two other aluminum plates), or misting/wiping the aluminum with acetone before assembly. The PVC would only need to seal around the edges and through holes, since internal seepage won't make a significant difference in the flow.
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