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Originally Posted by Compaq888 View Post
1. It does immediatly kill the engine because I have pressed the gas after and there is no noise and the scangauge goes dead...
2. This is not some performance engine where's it's making 600hp and needs to be tuned so it won't run's not like i'm flooring it to redline and cut the engine. I press in the clutch let the rpms go down to idle and cut the engine.
3. What pressure???

Besides what do you think happens when you park your car and turn the key to the off position??? I do exactly the same thing except I do it while driving...
1. Perhaps on your engine... mine sure doesn't (ditto my last car) And that's weird you SG goes dead - I'll add that to the list of reasons I'd prefer not to go that route (my SG stays live with spark cut)
2. emissions
3. pressure: colloquial for vacuum pressure

When I turn my key off - my ECU cuts fuel and spark, some solenoids close etc...

RH77 got it spot on
The trick is, we have a variety of models, years, etc. with the same requirement: Streamlining the process, without CELs.
Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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