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You are a magnificent statesman!

Thank you for showing your ability to take all matters under consideration according to your obviously high standards. You will be considered a legend in your own time. Mr. Smalls.

I am so obviously out of your league, and I appreciate you pointing that out.

Now, I will go back to my investors and collaborators and colleagues and tell them it's decided.

600 field tests and over a hundred testimonials are worthless.... According to some faceless nameless entity on a forum, we must now accept our investment totally wasted. All the reports are not worth the time it took to record them.

I guess I should hang my head in shame....


I am making a positive difference in the lives of people.

What are you doing?

Here's someone else you should contact and tell them what you think of his testing protocols:
Dr. John Balachandra of UC Santa Cruz the Director of their Center for Sustainable Energy and Power Systems opinion of The Gadgetman Groove

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