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i thought id throw my 2 cents in here

initially i thought this was a hoax generally from the approach of hard selling and because i cant theorise how this could possibly work.
Having said that one thing that did catch my attention about this is that gadgetman offered for ecomodders in an certain area to test it out for free. To me this gives it a little credability (but not too much). Unfortunately the modification does require a non reversible change to be made to the air intake therefore i think many ecomodders will be hesitant to try it out unless it is conclusively proven.

Gadgetman, just a suggestion to you.
if you can explain the scientific principle behind how this device improves fuel efficiency then you are more likely to win over some more people. A large amount of the people on this forum are technically and scientifically minded, I believe there are several mechanical engineers so if there is any validity to your products claims they will be able to tell us if there is any possible way the concept will work.

the only other way you could convince me is to have one of the very active members on here try it out and report back to the group.
I would trust MetroMPG's feedback more than anyone else considering his history of valuable test data however I can completely understand his and other peoples hesistance to try the product due to the non reversible nature of the modification.
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