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Very well....

Since you have proven to me this site is not about truly exploring, but exercising your right to show how smart you are, I respectfully request you remove me from your list of users.

Were it not for your very nicely worded reminders that you wanted to "tempt me back" I would have long ago left your discussions where they need to be: somewhere other than in my life.

Your demands for proof are not helping in the development of fuel efficiency technologies. You are directly impacting it in a negative way.

Further, I have not tried to sell you ANYTHING. In fact, the OPPOSITE is true, yet you continue to insult, demean and diminish my efforts to provide SOMETHING to this forum that would inspire someone to at the very LEAST accept my offer so I can get the data you DEMAND.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a bogus site, managed by bogus people with NO desire to make the changes necessary for this planet to become what it needs to become: Cleaner and greener.

You are a wonderful example of abuse of power, MetroMPG. It is all about YOUR accomplishments and that is all.

Please continue to enjoy your power to limit the truth, my friend.

I will continue to make as much a POSITIVE difference in the world around me as I can.

Now, please erase me as a user. I have better things to do than to try to convince ANYONE like you... It cannot be done.

Thank you.

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
This isn't data. It's still mostly testimonials.

The Panacea University test had my interest until I saw the (inherently flawed) on-road testing. So I wasn't surprised to discover there is of course no "Panacea University" in a list of accredited Australian universities & colleges (source).


Final warning, Gadgetman: because you're selling something, you must meet a higher standard than the average tinkerer who wants to discuss his latest mod.

So, I've removed the links to your videos, and am giving this warning: you're welcome to provide credible 3rd party evidence as to what your groove accomplishes. If you can't post that kind of information, stop posting on EcoModder. (Or you'll be banned.)

FYI, the "EPA Motor Vehicle Aftermarket Retrofit Device Evaluation Program" is an "EPA-approved" test methodology designed specifically for evaluating devices that claim to save fuel or reduce emissions.
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