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Originally Posted by alohaspirit View Post

there will be a lot of trial and errors with a first electric car

and naturally you will be watching the gauges like a hawk

but there are factors when it comes to EV range
But that is where at least the new ev's that are coming out are pretty impressive, not only can you see your state of charge and how much you are using but you can see how far you would be able to go if you keep driving the way you are driving and what your average energy use has been, all so you can keep your eyes on the road and glance down for about as long as it would take you to check your fuel gauge on a gas car and see where your electrical use is at.
To upgrade my 1981 commuti-car with a modern battery gauge was pretty easy and affordable and I can have it set up to give me a wide range of information including the appearance of a gas gauge to tell me how full my pack is, or what I like better is the percentage of charge left in a real number, my other gauge I have up at the same time tends to be how many KWs I'm pulling at any one point in time, it's like having a real time mpg gauge up on your dash right next to your gas gauge.
And of course it has a handful of warnings that it will give out, like if my pack gets to low and is at risk of damage a warning will start to flash, if this was not a cheap retrofit to a 30 year old electric car then I'm sure it could tell me alot more, but it gives me alot more information then my gas car does.

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