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Originally Posted by alohaspirit View Post
ive never ran out of gas before but ill expound

there will be a lot of trial and errors with a first electric car

and naturally you will be watching the gauges like a hawk

but there are factors when it comes to EV range

(speed and elevation are the 2 im referring to)

it basically boil down to a moped experience i had

(the guy took the speed limiter off and it could go 60+)

i floored it up the hill and could barely hit 30

(and thus holding up traffic)

my hill is like this, but a mile or so
1 lane up, 1 lane down
with driveways on both sides, so you might have to stop
some people drive 25, some drive 40

not really worried about the newer EVs

but they are out of my price range

i was referring to the older ones

Past Present Future?
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