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Originally Posted by autoteach View Post
Yeah, its a total ripoff. I mean, I bet the part cost next to nothing, like these that you can get almost anywhere:
Airaware/Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (28360) | Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor | 2010 Toyota Camry SE 6 Cylinders K 3.5L EFI DOHC |

And then they want to get paid to remove a tire, unmount the tire, replace the sensor, and reinstall? I cant believe the snakes! I always double check to make sure they arent ripping me off with Auto Repair and Maintenance Estimates | Auto Shop and Mechanic Ratings : RepairPal. Usually they are chargin me through the roof, like the shop that reprogrammed my sister VW drivetrain, powertrain, and BCM computers $100. I bet with minor amounts of training and a $8000 computer I could do it too.

Really, check prices. Not everyone is ripping off customer, but sometimes its convenient for an argument to claim it is happening.

Oh, Franky, I was actually defending you with blatant sarcasm. Sorry for entertaining the competition for stupid questions.
If the brand new TPMS sensors on a brand new car are going out then it's a moot point unless someone is driving ~35k+ miles/year. Of course they're going to be expensive if it's brand spankin' new and probably still covered by the factory warranty.

Based on a quick search someone is looking at way less than $250 each outside of the warranty period. I can't seem to find the forum Frank is quoting, so I can't say if they are overcharging or not, but realistically the costs should be ~$25+ to install the sensor plus whatever the sensor costs and I bet the shop the person was complaining about charged way more than that. I've been quoted $1500 to install a new wp/rad, which is roughly $200 of parts and $1300 of labor, and the same goes for other stuff like O2 sensors, oil seals, and so on. Labor rates are incredibly high these days. Obviously if I can't afford a the equipment then I'm gonna have to shell out the cash no matter what, but that doesn't mean that auto repairs, and repairs in general still don't border on obscene these days.
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