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I think I may have a solution that will work best for me. I can cut the ignition wire in the steering column, add a 12v10A SPDT relay, and run it to a button switch by the parking brake to activate the relay. I would still prefer a time delay relay to make things easier, but that can come later.

Compaq888, I'm not ignoring your solution, but since I can't reset error codes with a ScanGauge ('95 model year ), I would like to avoid the possibility of throwing a code at all. I have also used a fuel cut-off switch on an old truck that could run Gas, or Propane, and it could go for 1.5 blocks before the gas totally ran out. Granted that engine had a carb, and this is FI, and my logical brain does know the difference, my emotional brain wants nothing to do with it. I like that you have found a solution that works for you though.

*Time period is from 1 January 2006 - 1 March 2007*

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