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Originally Posted by 04_Sentra View Post
The average temperature of the earth has gone down since 1998 but climate change doesn't just mean that the temperature is going up everywhere uniformly. It's getting warmer is some places, colder in others, wetter in some places and dryer in others. The warming is most pronounced at the poles which is why the arctic, antarctic, and greenland ice has continued to melt since 1998, though the northeast passage being open has been great for shipping and greenland is going to start serious mining operations now that that pesky ice is gone, so not everyone is complaining. Of course if you live in Bangladesh you have a more serious problem...
Point by point,

- Warming, yes I know. But guess what - the lack of warming is not shouted as loudly AS WARMING IS. Wonder why ?

- Changes - Yes, thats my point. Climate changes. It has done for ever. Where I live now was a swamp when the dinos were around.

- Northeast passage - this has been open before. Did you see the wreck discovered in the arctic circle a few years ago ? How did it get there if the frozen parts did not thaw ? Did you know Russia uses this as a trade route ?

- Why do you think Greenland is not called Whiteland ?

- Bangladesh has long had problems related to the environment. It is a marginal coastline state. Maybe we should help them develop so that they can protect themselves, but then again that will have an effect on the natural environment around them.

Originally Posted by 04_Sentra View Post
Debate is great there should be debate you can't solve a problem that you don't understand and scientists that do bad science should be accountable. But, debate shouldn't be an excuse for inaction, which it often is. The same actions that combat climate change also combat other serious problems like acid rain, smog, deforestation, etc.
Debate is good. That debate needs to extend into the 'action' we seem to take. Is it really going to make a difference ? See my comment about Bangladesh above - it may have some unforseen consequences.

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