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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...1000 years of "current" historical weather records is nothing compared to the 4.56-billion years the earth has been around.

...and, just for giggles, look up "snowball earth"
And the worst of it is that the 1000 years of records is actually made up. No honest it is - real temp measurements don't go back that far. It is based on proxies (e.g. tree rings, sediments, ice bores) and then statistical processing of this data to try and pick out the significant ones.

Except the processing used is not a recognised statistical standard, and expert analysis of the processing used has found that it can produce hockey sticks (i.e. the temp record being flat until 20th century and then goes up) with random data.

And of course the 'trick' was to 'hide the decline' which is where the proxies seperated from the recorded temp. So if they do that now how can we trust the 'reconstructions' ?

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OK screw em, serves them right for being from Bangladash.
Your choice of words, not mine. My thought would be that we try and help them via economic development rather than force them to accept useless windmills and solar panels...
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