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Originally Posted by Nerys View Post
yeah sure $400 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR electric bill maybe. Nope sorry even the ENTIRE YEARS worth of electricity for the electric car would not cost $400

where do you get $400 electric bill? WORST CASE SCENARIO for your average driver assuming bad electricity price and horrible heat forcing the lithium cooling system into overdrive when charging your looking at MAX $30 on your electric bill (assuming a VERY VERY high $3 per 100 miles) for the average us citizen driving 12,000 miles a year so 1000 miles a month.

I can't even fill my Geo Metro gas tank for $30 and the average person would need to fill it at least twice a month. (I fill it twice a week sometimes but I am unusual in that regard)
Nerys, the estimated yearly cost for electric only use of the Volt is on the EPA sticker and it states $601. If that wasn't there I'd think you were just ranting, again.

Frankly the EPA's estimates are pretty high for yearly consumption. $601 would mean a bit over 5,000 KW-H at 12 cents per KW-H and that is half of the average US household consumption(11,000 KW-H as of 2008). But that is probably the standard 15k miles annually estimate. Which is pretty ambitious IMHO. 333 KW-H is terrible EV only efficiency. I usually use 250 as a worse case estimate!

Now I'm going to have to see the EPA informational regarding this, it just reeks of mal-adjustments.
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