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Originally Posted by NachtRitter View Post
Dunno what it is about trees here in NorCal... they seem to go after the Honda / Acura models... had a tree attack my Civic VX last year.

Welcome to the site!
I swear its a tree conspiracy. I don't know what they have against my car but whatever it is, they don't like it. I had the car parked at the bottom of my steep driveway and a tree fell from the left side, over the top of my car, but got stuck in trees on the other side of the driveway, so it never hit the car.

You can see the pavement where the car WAS parked and the tree I was dealing with;

It was just leaning directly over it. So I move the car into the road to clear the already falling tree, and while I'm doing that, a different tree altogether snapped at the top (I'm guessing about a 25' section of a roughly 60-70' tree) and landed right on the hood, smashing both fenders and the hood beyond repair;

I watched it happen and the whole car bounced, I'm just glad it missed the roof and it's still driveable. As for the fate of the trees, due to the storm and the apparent weakness of so many tall skinny unmaintained trees, I'm going to be cutting down about 20 of them on my property to prevent this kind of thin from happening again. I guess the previous property owners didn't own a chainsaw. I'd rather have a handfull of healthy, strong thick trees than a crap load of skinny, undergrown wimpy trees all crowding each other out...and then taking the overcrowding problem out on my car.
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