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Originally Posted by DJBecker View Post
The safety break-point is actually 50V.

That somewhat arbitrary limit is the reason that so many things are 48V. Military vehicles have commonly used 28V systems (two '12V' batteries), and modern vehicles are starting to use 42V (3* 12V = 42V, if your 12V system is really 13.8V). They would have liked to use "48V", but four 12V batteries in series is 53-54V while charging.

An EE isn't going to be able to tell you what is safe just by looking at a schematic, they will only be able to point out things that are definitely unsafe. Keeping galvanic isolation requires looking at all of the as-built details.
I am looking from legal perspective of it, we cannot promote here working "Freely" with more then save voltage, define by OSHA or other agencies... General reader cannot work with high voltage without level of education that allow him/her work on their own... so on ... boring ... legal ... stuff...

That would include checking schematic before try to implement it ...

That is my point, that all...
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