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For I called the technical assistance at Go-Power. They said the AC suppy works on up to 160 volts DC! You could have knocked me over! It's not on the data sheet. I asked him to issue a EV data sheet that gives the DC input range, and the max adjustable DC output. He said this was true for all current levels, right up to 75 amps. This is the CHEAPEST alternator substitute I have ever found! The output is only 14.2 volts. This will not fully charge a maintenance-free battery (all modern accessory batteries). But it will charge it enough to make it useable. Alternators charge to 15.4 volts. Test one (anyone??) on an ICE engine, please. I asked Go-Power to issue a new unit that outputs 15.4 volts. Who knows, but I won't hold my breath!
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