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Originally Posted by groar View Post
The lower you are pushing your car's CdA, the higher you are pushing your patience during glides... Suddenly while driving you are realizing that you spend more time with the right foot over the break pedal, ready to break (*), than touching the accelerator.

(*) it saved my car last week when a woman changed from the left lane to my lane just in front of me and braked hard when she realized she couldn't change to the right lane which was totally stalled. I just remembered seeing a "van of the year" sticker approaching at full speed right to my head... I don't remember how I successfully brake before megane's front would crash on her rear. The saddest is that the van had a "school bus" sticker on it...
It also saved me a lot of brake dust as the saved one second period (to change the right foot from the accelerator to the brake) permits to have a lighter push on the brake

When I'm driving with cruise control on (which is pretty well all the time when I'm on the flat in the Sonata), I keep my foot over the brake pedal. So far, I have saved myself from hitting 2 cars and a pedestrian thanks to it. The most amazing thing was that the pedestrian didn't even flinch, tires screeching and horn blasting, and yes, they did see me.

On all three occasions, had I not been using cruise control with my foot over the brake, I highly doubt I would have missed them, as they all had no warning at all, unlike most of the time when you can tell that someone is about to do something incredibly stupid so you can start to react before anything actually happens.
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