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It doesn't surprise me that women were target buyers. The car was 'cute' and cute cars don't sell well with men. Guys in 1990 were more interested in the restyled Cavalier, Mustang, Daytona, etc.

As a matter of fact, I bought my Geo from rather large woman who was very emotionally attached to it: "I raised my babies in this car" she said.

This is how the Geo Metro should have been shown in the commercial if they wanted to target men:

*"Geo Metro XFI" scrolls across screen in an elaborate manner, the car itself is orange in color and doing slaloms/curves around winding road with the camera closely zoomed in. Darth Vader-like music ensues*

"It's here, the new 1990 Geo Metro XFI. Complete with all-aluminum fuel injected power and the traction of front-wheel drive! Seats for 3 of your buddies plus extra room for your gear. Feel its nimble handling throughout the tightest of spaces"

*The Geo is shown driving hurriedly though a busy downtown, veering from lane to lane nearly hitting machinery, pedestrians and cyclists. The car finally merges recklessly on an onramp and the camera scopes out the body work while cruising on a heavy-travelled freeway*

"With its round body, slice though the wind at highway speeds"

*Car exits the freeway and comes screeching to a halt near a sporting event. People stare in amazement. The camera then pans clockwise while zooming into the car*

"This car is in fact not a car at all, it's a statement of how successful and manly you are. I bet your asking yourself, 'can I afford a car like this' well we'll tell you can't afford NOT to buy a car like this! We're offering an exciting $300 bonus cash back when you purchase today! Geo Metro, the car of the future!"

*Cool Darth Vader-like music*

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