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Block heater on a 2006 matrix

Well after stalling a few cold winters I decided to splurge on a mod with little payback but some comfort gain.

I bought a block heater from:

the kit is the same as others have used:

I looked to see what wattage it is and mine was stamped on the end 400 watts:

My next task was to find the hole for it. Other threads pointed me in the right way so my fingers went exploring.

engine bay

air box/ oil add area

Now look down and find the side/ back corner. It is on the side facing the battery and slides in the direction of the washer fluid tank.

These pics are with it slid in half way so you can see the end:

Here you can see the end with the prongs.

Where I ran the plug:

After 10 min of being plunged in I almost burned my hand trying to see if it was warm. It is!

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