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Hi Bill! I'm sure it's fine the other way. Joe had a problem with his after about a year, but there were extenuating circumstances. It was the 2nd controller I had ever put together, and the holes didn't line up very well once I put it together, so I drilled through everything, leaving bits of junk and metal shards inside it. I tried to vacuum it all out, but evidently I didn't do a very good job. Also, the heatshrink tubing had been mangled somewhat when I put the bolts in originally because of my crappy alignment. I used smaller holes back then, and the holes weren't lined up. So, a few months ago, his had a short inside where the pcb and the bolts meet, so he added those plastic washer things and put it back together and it worked. It seemed easier than the heatshrink tubing, but I think either way is fine.
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