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Does anyone want to pay for a beta testing prototype 1000amp controller that might blow up and kill quite possibly the entire population of the earth, and maybe even that of the moon? I have the thru-hole control board done, but I'm just letting it sit there for a few days, percolating, checking it each day. The errors I have found are asymptotically decreasing. I think it very unlikely that there are errors on the control board. Each sub-circuit has been checked and tested. Here's the problem I have: 3 new boards! 3 setup fees! monkeyturds of alabama! Makes me mad. "setup fees" ya right. This is China. They just have religious and political prisoners doing all the work. And they work for free, otherwise their entire family will be killed instantly. I'm not sure about the accuracy of the above statements.

It's basically the same price of components as the control board, but 3/8"x3/4" bus bars instead of 3/16"x3/4", so that's more. And longer heat spreader, and 14 mosfets instead of 10, and 14 fancy diodes instead of 10 non-fancy diodes. and like 21 or 22 bus caps instead of 16. I'm going to bus a cap in your bottom, and like $35 worth of super fancy polypropylene metal film caps. The control board is close to the same price, except for an extra $5 for the "precharge stuff".

Oh, I modified the footprint of the DC-DC so that "other" DC-DC can fit there with the 15v output, so that the uberfancy driver board can be used with the control board, for those that like IGBTs. But I need to doublecheck that everything is good with the interface. Do they just need a non-isolated signal from the microcontroller? IT would take like 15 seconds of searching to find that information out! and I don't feel like it right now! ya!
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