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Boonies? I live about 1 hour from the largest city in Ohio. Or, about 1.5 hours from the second largest city in Ohio. I do not understand the boonies comment. I understand that flying to Central Ohio and driving back to San Diego is not cost efficient for a 20 year old car. Did you ever hear the saying if you do not have anything nice to say then do not say anything at all? If you were really interested in buying it even for 1600 I think a PM would have been much more appropriate. I have a bunch in it. I have done a bunch to it. Runs EXTREMELY well. If I do not get what I need/want I will drive it. I like my 06 civic as far as comfort and safety much better. But, if I can get the mileage up to the high 40's I will drive the CRX when I can to save more $$. If Egypt falls to extremist and the Suez Canal is closed we are all gonna want a 40+ mpg car real fast. Remember what Metros were going for when gas was $4/gallon? I'll hedge my bets. I am not out anything at this time. In Central Ohio a $1500 CRX is in poor condition. SoCal doesn't have the salt we do. So, unless we(midwest) are willing to go get one from the south or out west we are stuck with rust buckets. Mine is not perfect. But, far better than most. A guy local offered me $2500 before I bought the 06 Civic. I turned him down as I didn't want to sell it at the time. I don't really care if it sells now. I might get a Civic VX motor for it. Then I can get 50-60mpg. Still not sure what I am going to do. Thanks for your interest though....I think.

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