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Re: Building tadpole trike for street use

Absolutely. I don't have nice big pics of the actual frame I bought but I did take a snapshot of the ad. I also have pics of another Polaris 4x4 front suspension area. I took them long before I bought the frame. That is what gave me the idea. I chose the Polaris 4x4 because it has such a simple McPearson front end and would allow me front wheel drive.I also have a couple pics of alternate street tires or tire/rim combinations but for some reason flickr won't let me upload em. Link to pics I successfully uploaded to flickr will be shared at bottom of reply.
Your Honda quad would make a great donor for a reverse trike if you don't mind cannibalizing it. Just be sure to build a new frame so you can sit down low like a gokart. A-arms, suspension, brakes, spindles, and even rims could be reused. You would need to relocate the steering down low and redo all controls.
I belong to a trike group on Yahoo called "cabinscooters" where we discuss and build enclosed trikes of differing sizes. From bicycle makeovers all the way up to 3-wheeled cars! Anyone is welcome to join!
Now, as far as tires, I like the Kenda-brand but any DOT approved street tire of the correct size will work. A lot of these type tires can be found at on-line golf cart stores. Plug the following into google: 'Kenda 205/50-10 DOT tire' minus the quote marks and feast your eyes. Now here is the link to my flickr pics: <> photo set entitled 'Parts 4 FWD reverse trike'

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tinkerbil Do you have some pic's of the Polaris front end/frame that you have for the tadpole project? I have a Honda 350 Quad in the yard that I never use that could be turned into something interesting and fuel efficient. Do you have info on alternate tires and rims for the street?

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