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Stovie, It won't work. The numbers don't add up. Gasoline is a hydrocarbon. Hydrogen and Carbon molecules are combined with the oxygen in the air to produce CO2 and H2O. Basically, our cars are all hydrogen powered as it is. 1 gallon of gasoline creates 1 gallon of water as a combustion byproduct. So by using electrolysis to break down a quart of water over a period of weeks or months while hundreds of gallons of gasoline are consumed and adding it to the fuel mixture, it is too small of a fraction of the total fuel to make a difference.

Also you must consider that it takes energy to perform the electrolysis, more energy than is created by recombining the hydrogen and oxygen when you combust it in the engine. Think about it....if you could just run an electric generator, separate the H & O in water, then burn it in an engine that created enough power to not only run the generator some more, but to propel whatever vehicle it was contained in, you'd have a perpetual motion machine and then some.

Get yer head out of yer butt and use some common freakin sense. Our cars are already powered by Hydrogen & Oxygen, your miniscule contribution of hydrogen and oxygen to the mix is like saying that by using a squirt gun along with a 2" fire hose at 80 PSI will put out a fire twice as quick.

Do some research, find out what gasoline and combustion are, ask yourself "Why don't we just use the brown gas to power our vehicles and forget about using any gasoline at all?" When you answer that question to yourself, you'll be all like, "Oh, I see, electrolysis takes more energy than it can produce, so the car won't go." You believe in a chemical perpetual motion process, it is no different than any other perpetual motion device, it violates the laws of physics.

The 10 - 15 amps represent 120 - 180 watts of power, 1/4 horsepower. Do you really think using the hydrogen from a bouncy balloon or 2 in an engine would create 1/4 horsepower???

If you continue to argue with me without coming up with real scientific facts, this will make you look like a very dim bulb indeed.

Kill this thread. Or put it in a category of its own with Trolls, Fairies, Unicorns, Yetis, Mermaids, Water Ionizers, LED Light Therapy, Homeopathy, Intake Tornadoes, Fuel Line Magnets, and Vortex Generators.
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