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No, they’re brilliant. You’re dim for falling for their trick. I see a battery in the system there. Look close, it is there. Show me a video without a battery to draw power from, or show me a scientifically recognized paper that has proven perpetual motion has been achieved, not only perpetual motion, but more energy is coming out than is going in. If this cart/generator set up was working as they purport, it would be the single biggest scientific event in our history, not a You Tube video to dupe suckers into believing in fairytales. Buy me a gallon of snake oil to go along with the next You Tube video you show. And BTW....what's in that bottle in between the HHO cell and the engine? Is it a water filter to ensure the HHO Gas is Ultra-Pure??? More likely than not, it is gasoline or some other fuel. FISH OOOONNNNN!!!!!

Kill This Thread!!!!!!!!

You Tube.......

Here's proof that Aliens are visiting Earth!!!

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