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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post

You are correct.

3. Slide the template forward or backward as desired. Cut away everything above the template with a sawzall, and fill everything below the template.

KB, Poka-Yoke was exactly what I had in mind in #83.

But for the lower half of the template:
1. Align the ground planes in the images of both the template and the car.
2. Scale the template until its wheelbase matches the car's. No part of the car may extend below the template when loaded to its max weight.

Yep, I write op sheets on the weekends too.
wheelbase is not a criteria for the template.What I did to the underside of the template 'vehicle' is only an illustration of the 'boundaries' we are asked to respect by the S.A.E. if we hope for our work to survive.If nothing falls below the 16 & 10-degree angle projections your good to go.

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