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Red Yaris,
I don't think you could use your quad to build a trike, like what tinkerbill is doing. You could build it, but I don't think you could get it licensed here in Alberta. I was reading the licensing regulation last night and it states that a custom vehicle, for on road use, may only contain parts from other on road vehicles. Parts from off road vehicles cannot be used. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I also remember reading a while back that the regulations for getting any kind of enclosed trike licensed here are incredibly stringent. In case you thinking about it, I suggest you do some research first. I was really wanting to try and build a trike, a couple of years back, but gave up because I didn't think I could get one licensed. Building an unstable trike with a high CG, from a open motorcycle is not a problem. Build one low, stable and enclosed, you may have a hard time getting it licensed here.

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