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Something is wrong with this picture. Either you have oppressive "nanny-state" government or the big car manufactures have lobbied to cut out the little guy! 'Sorry, just sayin.
In addition to Federal mandates we have individual state rules in US concerning building trikes. Some states are very leanient while others are pretty strict. The strict ones are just protecting us from ourselves. Wouldn't want a bunch of creative crazy people running around on God knows what!

Originally Posted by puddleglum View Post
Red Yaris,
I don't think you could use your quad to build a trike, like what tinkerbill is doing. You could build it, but I don't think you could get it licensed here in Alberta. I was reading the licensing regulation last night and it states that a custom vehicle, for on road use, may only contain parts from other on road vehicles. Parts from off road vehicles cannot be used. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I also remember reading a while back that the regulations for getting any kind of enclosed trike licensed here are incredibly stringent. In case you thinking about it, I suggest you do some research first. I was really wanting to try and build a trike, a couple of years back, but gave up because I didn't think I could get one licensed. Building an unstable trike with a high CG, from a open motorcycle is not a problem. Build one low, stable and enclosed, you may have a hard time getting it licensed here.
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