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Re: Building tadpole trike for street use

Dang! Sounds like they are specifically trying to curtail the building of custom 3-wheeled trikes with enclosed cabin! That sucks in several ways besides the obvious. Especially in a climate that can get pretty bad in winter. That is what the enclosed cabin is for! More riding, year round, in comfort! In essence they are grouping cabin scooters in with cars! If they categorize by the number of wheels, you could still build an enclosed two wheel motorcycle by cannibalizing a already titled and registered motorcycle, building a body around it, and installing out-riggers that can be retracted once going and balanced. Search google for "enclosed motorcycle" and you will get Acabion, ZeroTracer, the Teca, the MonoTracer, and others but my absolute fav is the Acabion! I like them so well I am still on the fence on which to build first, a trike or a feet-first enclosed MC! Attached is a picture of a Acabion. It's so fast there are not enough roads built for that kind of speed! Almost forgot, it's insanely expensive too!

Originally Posted by puddleglum View Post
Well, I think the intent is to protect us from ourselves. It's just that there are a few regs. that really mess things up like the component restriction I mentioned already. Three wheeled motorcycles must be open and have a minimum seat height. There is a three wheeled vehicle class, but the regs. seem to be intended for a production car and require all the safety equipment and destructive test data that a manufacturer would have to comply with. I couldn't see any way around them for building a one off. I know there are a few trike projects (like zoltanbod) here in Canada. If I'm wrong on the regs. and there is a way to get a one off licensed, I'd love to have it explained to me.
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