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He also wants to, in the same bill, take away health care for elderly and poor and the right for state workers to join together to object to any unfair treatment that they might receive, this right is why we have safe working conditions in everyones work place, why we have minimum wage, pensions and in turn social security, weekends, 40 hour work weeks, most of these were started in Wisconsin by unions, the things that you think of when you think of America we have because of Unions, they are not written in to our bill of rights or anything else, they are here because they were fought and died for and they can dissipater on a whim, just like some states are talking about cutting back or repealing child labor laws (another law that was created because of unions), nothing is set in stone and it can all dissapear before your very eyes if you aren't paying attention, it makes me glad that my state has had 100,000's of people show up in the last week to fill our capital and that some of our senators had enough sense to leave so the rest of us would have more then a few days to read the 140 pages that were being asked to be signed in to law, most people who were supposed to vote on this bill didn't have enough notice to read it fully before it was supposed to be voted on so how could they fully understand what was in it!