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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
He also wants to, in the same bill, take away health care for elderly and poor and the right for state workers to join together to object to any unfair treatment that they might receive, this right is why we have safe working conditions in everyones work place,

nothing is set in stone and it can all dissapear before your very eyes if you aren't paying attention, it makes me glad that my state has had 100,000's of people show up in the last week to fill our capital and that some of our senators had enough sense to leave so the rest of us would have more then a few days to read the 140 pages that were being asked to be signed in to law, most people who were supposed to vote on this bill didn't have enough notice to read it fully before it was supposed to be voted on so how could they fully understand what was in it!
You forgot the part where he removes the ability of people (relatives) to intervene or even sue Nursing homes for abuse. You would no longer be able to remove them from the homes either. Nice touch

My statements were short and glazing but yes indeed this bill is a stinking republican jizz fest. All the things the republican party has been dreaming of since the 40's.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee
People get the govt they deserve. Sometimes I think Americans have forgotten, don't appreciate, and no longer deserve what our forefathers built.
If they voted republican certainly.

But... They really don't deserve the current government, they have been dumbed down to the point they can't know any better, the authority figures that should be role models are all corrupt and useless. And further the system is rigged, your vote really doesn't count as the current system works, unless of coarse you could motivate a mass of people so large as to overcome it which is very difficult indeed.

We would need someone to be able to stand up with truth and integrity against the current system and stand against what we are being told is the truth, and win a position of some significance in government. Then procede to clean house. Sadly people like that don't run and probably couldn't run do to the very high monetary requirements imposed on the system to keep outsiders out where they belong. The first fed reserve and fed income tax was thrown down by one determined man, Andrew Jackson, not a perfect or even very good person but he did what was right in that regard and was a hero for his time.

All this said, I think he should still give up his income and pension if he truly believes in all this garbage as should all those in the Wisconsin Legislature who believe in this thing.


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