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Originally Posted by brucey View Post
My girlfriend enjoys hypermiling, she even asked for an ultragauge for christmas.
Its because of your positive influence more than likely. AKA a safe environment to gradually become accustomed to it.

Originally Posted by brucey View Post
I think it mostly has something to do with her driving 80 miles a day, but I'll ask her if she can chime in sometime.

Personally, I don't think it's a gender thing as much as it's a gender thing to get on online forums and talk about. I'm sure many women would love to save gas, but how many have ever really thought "I bet there is a forum for that!"
This I agree with to a point, but many women who seem interested in saving gas become rather offended once I start telling them where to learn and methods of doing so. AKA sometimes its worse than if I commented on their chest if that is any indication of the typical reaction I receive. I recall one woman asking at a workshop if she would receive a government rebate check if she drove closer to but still above the speed limit, otherwise she would never consider slowing down, she couldn't comprehend that $500 a year in fuel savings was just as good.

heck some people fly off the handle if they are told inflating their tires a few PSI more than 22psi would improve FE. (and it isn't just women but they seem to get more offended and seem to become more entrenched about anything that relates to ride quality or perceived safety) Men usually don't agree but don't become flaming mad either (with a couple exceptions)

I think all in all if the woman grew up around someone who was more energy conscience and had more of a lifestyle that would expose her to things like this she is less likely to become upset over it.

I also think income level and worldliness play a role, especially when growing up, but then again thats probably true of everyone independant of gender.
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