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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
...this right is why we have safe working conditions in everyones work place, why we have minimum wage, pensions and in turn social security, weekends, 40 hour work weeks, most of these were started in Wisconsin by unions, the things that you think of when you think of America we have because of Unions...
But you need to remember those other things we have because of unions. Like for instance the right to have your pay docked so the union bosses can contribute to their political buddies. Or (going back to the days when I worked union construction jobs) the right to sit around after you've done the union-sanctioned amount of work for the day, 'cause doing more would make your less-skilled union brothers look bad, or the right to sit on your butt waiting for a union electrician to run an extension cord...

As for those guaranteed wages & pensions, I work for myself. When times are bad, as they are now, my income is significantly less than it was a few years ago. Why should state/union workers go on getting the same high wages? (And likewise, why don't the union bosses insist that they get profit sharing when times are good?)

I'm sorry, but in my experience most union bosses (like most corporate CEOs, with whom they have more in common than with the rank-and-file membership), only care about increasing their own power. If they need to screw over their membership or the country in the process, they won't hesitate one heartbeat.