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My father was a Teamster til he retired recently - the union ran almost every company he worked for into the ground, one trucking company after another. Much like jamesqf's experience, my father had no choice but to slow down and take unneeded breaks or risk making the slackers look bad. Thats not efficiency, and thats not republicans fault. The reason my father's companies, the state budgets, and taxpayers are in the woes they are in is because democrats got in bed with the unions years ago buying votes by giving the unions whatever they wanted. Every Teamsters magazine my father ever got was gung-ho for democrats, republicans were the devil on wheels... with the rampant corruption, backroom political deals, and laziness from Jimmy Hoffa (former Teamsters boss) on down, its amazing that any party would set up laws to benefit these bullies

it makes me glad ... so the rest of us would have more then a few days to read the 140 pages that were being asked to be signed in to law, most people who were supposed to vote on this bill didn't have enough notice to read it fully before it was supposed to be voted on so how could they fully understand what was in it!
Too bad the same sentiment for reading bills and understanding them didn't exist in D.C., the health care(less) bill was 2000+ pages. They're all politicians, its just a game they play to win your heart.

All the things republicans have dreamed of since the 40s?
- private-sector jobs going overseas while state unions rake in the raises? (here in NY the teachers were protesting a pay freeze recently, while my father's company went under and laid off hundreds of people)
-private-sector retirement is you saving in a 401k, the state retirees are guaranteed the average of highest 3 years' salary -for life- paid by taxpayers?
-My parents paying $400+/month for COBRA health insurance in retirement, and then forced to pay taxes to keep the union bosses in power?
No those arent republican dreams. Thats the dream of state-employee unions. The governor's dream is merely an attempt to right the ship and make things equitable for all of his consituents - something I'd expect both parties to embrace

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