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Additionally, the new governor here in NY, Andrew Cuomo, is in the process of laying off some of the state workforce, freezing pay and hirings, and cutting state budgets across the board... including (gasp!) healthcare, transportation/construction, and education, all in an effort to keep the state out of bankruptcy (same problem as Wisconsin). Yet theres no national media coverage, no public-employee "riots", no calls for him to surrender his pay. Just a few NY-union TV ads complaining. Why is that? Does the outburst over Gov. Walker have more to do with his party affiliation? NY Gov. Cuomo has a (D) after his name, which apparently is a carte blanche to cut budgets without media coverage and riots (people here generally think he is doing whats best for the state). Gov. Walker is facing the same budget crisis, near-insolvency of the state, and a ballooning deficit, and is approaching the issue in much the same manner (albeit a more permanent solution-cripple the unions), yet gets the opposite reaction. Interesting...

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