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Lady here

Originally Posted by brucey View Post
My girlfriend enjoys hypermiling, she even asked for an ultragauge for christmas.

I think it mostly has something to do with her driving 80 miles a day, but I'll ask her if she can chime in sometime.

Personally, I don't think it's a gender thing as much as it's a gender thing to get on online forums and talk about. I'm sure many women would love to save gas, but how many have ever really thought "I bet there is a forum for that!"
Heyo, this is Brucey's girlfriend. Before I met Brucey, I had no idea hyper-miling would save me so much money, and I knew very little about how to even hyper-mile. So honestly, I say its ignorance - men and women don't really talk about cars very often to each other, and if it was a male-started & dominated hobby, I don't think its gotten communicated over very much to the opposite gender.

I've talked to some women about it, but I get almost the same response as I do from men when it comes to their disinterest - they're in too much of a hurry, or they flat-out enjoy speed, or going 60-in-a-70 is ridiculous. There has been a few girls who looked at me with the deers-in-the-headlight look, but very few. I think the big problem is lack of shouting it out. Another problem might be time - most of my female friends have a thousand hobbies and the last thing they want to do is add another. I honestly also see very few women participate in forums - I myself am more of a reader than a poster.

I personally try to hyper-mile every day with techniques I know that work, but when it comes to what I do with my time, finding new techniques, testing ideas out, adding modifications to the car, or taking my pile of receipts and posting them get on the back burner.
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