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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
hummmmm, where to begin:

TODAY, the national debt is $14Trillion. tell me how your math works??????
roflwaffle said: "cut defense spending by measly $200 billion/year the national debt would be pretty much nothing. " what are you smoking???
that's not even the interest payment on the debt!!!!! HELLO!
You should begin with basic math. $200 billion/year for 60 years is $12 trillion bucks. Tack on interest and we're well over $14 trillion. The interest starts small, but by the time we hit $10 trillion we're paying another $500 billion/year in interest payments at 5%, which is $5 trillion more over a decade.

Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
THe Total (including the war funding)Defense Budget is $689.8Billion for 2010. 3/4 the size of the stimulus bill.
THe TOTAL (10 years of the two wars) is $1 Trillion. Obamacare which is underfunded by $ 2-3trillion, is $1 trillion
THe budget for Medicare/medicaid/Social security is $1.494 Trillion
$400 billion to $700 billion for 60 years is $24 trillion to $42 trillion, on defense spending. At least with medicare/medicaid/social security we can show that we're caring for people and keeping the elderly out of extreme poverty, but the only thing we have to show for decades of out of control military spending after WWII are a lot of casualties and a lot of well off defense contractors.