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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
School funding shouldn't be linked to property holdings; it should be linked to how many kids you have, proportionally.

There are plenty of strange and expensive things going on in schools now, that weren't when I was in school eons ago. For instance, I notice school buses in my town from several other towns 30 miles away, every day, not for sporting or other special events either. We are trucking kids out of their home districts, into others. Why? I would like to see the bussing statistics- how many miles busses put on in, say, 1975 vs today, and why?
That was actually a big republican push around here where you could choose whatever school you wanted whether you were in the district or not, BS I say.

Another irritating trend is that schools strongly work against walking or biking into school over safety and the fact they don't want to pay a crossing guard $8 an hour, in fact the buses are required to pick kids up directly across from the school which is asinine. When I was in school which really wasn't even that long ago, if you lived under a specific distance you had to walk in and obviously if you wanted to ride your bike in, so long as you weren't late no one would brow beat you and your parents over it.
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