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1 look at the different posts on increasing tire diameter slightly 3-5% if you do enough highway driving, this is a given.
2 increase the psi to 40+.
3 us nitrogen instead of air. I have the automatic air pressure system on the Q45, tells me the psi of each tire instantly. with the nitro it si always the same. not effected by heat.
makes the tires last longer and consistant psi gives consistanly better mpg.
4 Do a kit, don't lower the suspension. I don't care what anyone says, it will make the ride suck. And why compremiss a perfectly well balanced and tought uot suspension.
5 Instal a scangauge asap. It's like a video game. Mount it were 1. you can see it while driving....not down in the ashtray!!!! AND wher you can easily touch/reach the buttons.
I found that the more interactive I am with it the better my mpg
6 get those window visors- the 2 inch plastic wind things that allow you to lower the window 2 inches without really effecting drag.
7. If these are bought new, change the oil at 500 miles, then at 1200 miles, then at 2000, then at 5000. THen follow the recommended changes.
why you ask? Because mulitple test have shown that 70% of all engine wear takes place in the first 5000 miles. Replacing the oil repeatedly removes the wear particles that are creating the additional wear. I did this on my daughter's KIA 2006 sportage v6. The I had the oil tested by Blackstone at 10k. THey commented that this seemed to be a little better motor than most of the kias and that I was lucky. I called and told them what I had done. They said one of the guys in the lab had guessed that I had done mulitple changes to achieve such low wear.
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