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Originally Posted by dremd View Post
My best friend works for BP on Thunderhorse Tech

I can say that they are very very serious about emissions. The platform is the first to use electric heating for the majority of their processes (easier to clean up emissions on a gas turbine than an open flame), as well as heat recovery on damn near everything (esp. Turbines) to be used as heat for the next lower temp requirement onboard. They also treat him very well (from what I understand). They take safety very seriously, but for some reason things seam to fail often, They blew a 36" pig port off at 20,000 psi, Basically sunk, put to many sacrificial anodes on sub sea pipes and they rusted away, laid a cable on a live German Torpedo, and a few other things. However as far as I know there have been no injuries.

Regardless an amazing piece of engineering
Cool! Not too surprising that things will go wrong on such a large platform.

"Oh and they are the only people around here that sell 55 Cetane D2 :-) TDI runs SOOO Smooth on the stuff :-)"

Interesting, I'm going out to pick up my TDI tomorrow. Don't think I've ever seen a place that had 55 Cetane.

Not many choices for me anyway. Once I get it, the only station near me that sells diesel is a local joint.
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