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Originally Posted by wyatt View Post
There has been work done on this, and it is in Hucho's book. You can drop the Cd of the vehicle by raising and rounding the roof of an automobile by up to several inches. However, when you take the increased frontal area into account, the CdA actually increases steadily, meaning there is no real gain to be had here as long as the vehicle had attached flow to begin with.
Hi Wyatt,

The fact that the snow did accumulate just above and beyond the top edge of the front window glass, means to me that there was slightly detached flow in this area. The snow tends to "stick" in areas where there is low molecular pressure, especially on an otherwise smooth surface shape.

There were several times this winter that the rear deck of the tail was completely covered with a thin film of snow, yet the angular tail leading to that spot had none. Sorry but I did not get any pictures of this.

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