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Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post
Back to the original topic, Gov. Scott Walker's goal is to destroy public employee unions, not to balance the Wisconsin budget. .
Balance the budget by eleminating collective bargining for benefits. period. The union has already agreed to the cuts in pay. Which, lucky for them, arent going ot be back to 2008 or 2009 when the rest of us got uor pay cuts from businesses trying to stay competative.
If he wanted to balance the budget, the low-hanging fruit is the fat salaries he and the untouchable legislature receive.

What is he making?100k ? 150K?
and the legistators 90K? 125K?
lets say there are 60 legislators and him. So 61 x 100,000 x 15% = $______

It's the inflated salaries and pensions that untouchable firemen and policemen make. So whose salaries does he target? The <$56,000 salaries
upsssss......gotta stop the lie!!!! THe AVERAGE is $56,000
and their benefits cost 70% of that.
oh yeah....and are there more that 100 teachers? more than 1000? More than 10,000?

that teachers make. Once again, we're seeing an example of balancing the budget on the backs of the poor
UUUPPPPPSSSSSSSS another lie!!!!
$56,000 is not poverty level. not even close. And 1/2 of the teachers make more!!!
AND you smug moronic lie teller, these teachers will retire with at least around $3k a month PLUS almost free health care and raises each yr.
The real poor will only get their social security $1800 max and have to pay uot an average of $500 in medical costs.
(and don't try to go here.....I work with over 65 yr olds for a living and it is DISGUSTING the retirement that teachers and state workers have in comparison to the rest of the population.)

, and mean-spirited conservative thinking.[/QUOTE]
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