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Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post
I'm continually impressed with the impossible logic presented by this topic's conservatives. Faced with Scott Walker's public and private comments, you continue to insist his position still has validity, and accuse everyone else of bias.
His position has validity because he is now the duly elected governor of the state. That's all that is necessary. The Left can have all the hissy fits and protests it wants - do they think that if they stage enough public temper tantrums he will change his mind? More likely they are terrified that it will become a popular issue in other states. Since they can't silence the public debate, their strategy is to try to drown it out with their screaming.

If they don't like their governor, the voters of Wisconsin can vote against him in the next election. That's legitimate; the Left is hoping for a counter-backlash. But the recent demonstrations are just a puerile spectacle, which has always been what the Left does when they don't get their way.

However the real issue is that the governor alone can't do much of anything without the support of the legislature. Who voted for them? Obviously it was a majority of the voters of Wisconsin.

What's driving the Left apopleptic is that the governor has enough political support to get legislation passed. Walker is their convenient target, the scapegoat. But the dirty little secret is that there is probably bipartisan support in the legislature.
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