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Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
Your poll is biased, and the reason you initiated it was to promote your bias. At least you admit it to some extent, and that is admirable.
lets face it, I wasn't even trying to hide my bias, this thread was to vent frustration, over what I view as being a very terrible, unfortunate and hopeless situation.

Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
Excuse me, but it was the populace of your state who elected Mr. Walker based upon the platform on which he ran. The people of your state of Wisconsin VOTED FOR IT. Governor Walker is a partisan politician, just as partisan as Democrat politicians are. Dollar bills don't line up on the sidewalk to vote! People do! That's called DEMOCRACY! (I can understand why those in the Democratic party would find this so galling - "when the shoe is on the other foot, it pinches"...)
That doesn't explain why a large number all of a sudden do not support his latest tactics.

Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
Then why are we reading this long diatribe from you about how awful it is? And what was the purpose of your poll? "Pity party"? "Sour grapes"? "Sore losers"?
Yes, its too bad independents couldn't win, sadly the system more or less prevents that possibility 47 times out of 48. A more euro voting method would allow greater numbers of parties. That view is wrong though, because obviously there are only liberals who are liberal on every regard or conservatives who are conservative on every regard.

Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
This is the quintessential Leftist position: if they didn't vote for our party they must be STUPID. The Left thinks everyone is stupid, and the Right thinks everyone is lazy. 'Twas ever thus. But your side lost the election, and now there is a backlash. That's the nature of politics. Yes it's ugly, perhaps even irrational, but that's the way it goes. Get over it. Sore losers, indeed...
If you say so it must be true, irrefutable and without bias.

My side hasn't yet won more than a couple elections though over a period of decades and I'm not sure they are really left in every way.

Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
Don't bother. After your latest diatribe you made it clear why you posted the poll.

(BTW, "poles" are found in stadia and firehouses; "polls" are found in the realm of politics.)
I will anyway, but I only post polls when I see something that will be severely damaging to many people and am frustrated by the general inability of anyone remotely salt of the earth or normal to be successful within politics.

The people that most belong in politics would never run.