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Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
His position has validity because he is now the duly elected governor of the state. That's all that is necessary. The Left can have all the hissy fits and protests it wants - do they think that if they stage enough public temper tantrums he will change his mind? More likely they are terrified that it will become a popular issue in other states. Since they can't silence the public debate, their strategy is to try to drown it out with their screaming.
Somebody must be doing their job right if its causing screaming.

He is a servant, his position is only valid if he is serving the common good, if he is doing the popular serving himself notion and his buddies many will have no use for him.
As our founding fathers said a government should fear its people. Otherwise it will do disservice to them.

My great grandfather got to witness pinkertons shooting at union miners on strike. Although I agree unions have the WRONG POWER in the WRONG PLACES we should be working to reform the unions to become more fair as opposed to destroying them outright by eliminating their ability to function.

Republicans have always wanted to go too far one direction, democrats too far the other. With a super majority in this state walker might walk us right back into the 1920's with a debt equal to that of the 1940's FDR government. Every republican gov. this state has had has always railroaded us further into debt with a series of mostly unworkable state obligations to various individuals and companies.

Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
What's driving the Left apopleptic is that the governor has enough political support to get legislation passed. Walker is their convenient target, the scapegoat. But the dirty little secret is that there is probably bipartisan support in the legislature.
I prefer Metrompgs unicorn fantasy better. There is a majority all the way through he doesn't need any bipartisan support.