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we should be working to reform the unions to become more fair
Speaking as a past and present Union member, sadly you can't. I've been there and tried . I have been a member of 4 different unions in my various careers, including one of which was the anautoworkers , and one that was a public service union.

Both are mired in politicing and good old boys networks that freeze out people trying for true change and a sense of fairness. It's just like politics but even worse.

When your members are shouted down because your union leadership wants to waste the union members funds on "hospitality suites"; and don't want to end their entitlements, you know you're screwed.

It got so bad in the public servide union that a core group of workers in one indistry formed an "association" inside the union itself which forced it to address their concerns.

This "association" wanted real change and accountability and managed to get a modicum of it because the larger union was afraid of the ruckus it would cause if they petitioned the government to allow them to decertify out of the public union, and join\start another.